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Life as a SALT undergraduate | Part 3

In January 2018, we launched the SALT Undergraduate Program. Our latest initiative aims to actively upskill and mentor young engineering talent into working professionals.

Jo Garretty and Ayman William are spearheading several new ways to introduce personal and professional development to our newest team members, whilst being cared for and supported. Written by Swinburne undergraduate, Ruwanmal Palapathwala.


The nerves of your first day

Whilst I still had nerves walking in on my first day, they were short lived as the team at SALT had cordially invited me to their Lawn Bowls Christmas Party the year before. It was in that more relaxed and social setting that I got to meet everyone and introduce myself. My first day was well planned too with interactive orientation sessions with staff making it a very smooth transition for me into SALT work life and culture.  

My first project 

My first jobs at SALT were wonderfully left field and opened my eyes into the great diversity of work consultants have the opportunity to be engaged in. My first project involved preparing the documentation for a new and innovative road safety barrier product from South Korea that a client wanted to introduce into the Australian road market. This was submitted to Austroads and if approved it could be installed along potentially 1000’s of kms of highways around Australia!

SALT office Environment 

The work culture and people at SALT make the dread of walking into work each morning a thing of the past. I love how SALT is young, dynamic and always seeking fresh ways to do things differently. The open floor plan layout give a sense of transparency and foster healthy collaborations. I’ve also found our weekly Tuesday group hug a rejuvenating way of reaffirming the idea that we are a family designed to encourage each of us in our work and talents. 

How do you start each work day 

Each morning I get up by 6:30am, grab a banana, and commute to work on my bike. I find it provides an energised start to my day and I value SALT supporting workers to ride in whilst encouraging sustainable transport. Once I’m in, I say a quick hello to everyone, settle down at my desk with a protein shake and catch up on emails before starting project work.


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