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Car Parking Assessments Sydney

Why choose SALT?

The SALT traffic team works with property owners, developers, architects, town planners, and government agencies to provide practical and innovative car park solutions for projects across Australia.

Our traffic engineers will carefully analyse your site requirements and constraints before designing a parking solution that’s right for you. We specialise in all aspects of car park and ramp designs including at-grade (same-level), multi-deck (multi-storey), undercroft and basement parking.

Our traffic team can also create a space-saving alternative to traditional parking design – a mechanical parking system. We use our expertise in car lifts, car hoists, independent stackers and more to ensure your car park users can move and store their vehicles more efficiently.

Our car parking solutions can assist you to:

  • Increase user convenience
  • Take advantage of valuable floor space
  • Optimise movement of cars at your site
  • Save valuable time and money
  • Improve pedestrian safety

If you need a car park designed to your project requirements, call SALT Sydney today on +61 2 8415 9781.

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