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Corporate Social Responsibility 2018

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is part of what’s called the “Triple Bottom Line” approach which is how a company achieves success via its economic, social, and environmental goals. Companies which host or participate in worthy CSR initiatives are more likely to build positive reputations, improve customer loyalty and have a healthy commitment to human rights […]

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E-Waste banned from landfill

What is E-Waste Electronic waste, or ‘e-waste’, describes electrical or electronic equipment with a power cord or battery (including batteries). These once useful items cover a range of electronic items including televisions, computers, mobile phones, kitchen appliances and white goods. E-waste is growing three times faster than general municipal waste in Australia. Importantly e-waste will be […]

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smart planning VIC State Govt

Victorian Planning Provisions (VPP) – Amendment VC148

Amendment VC148, gazetted 31st July 2018, has been touted as the biggest change to the VPP since its inception.  Part of the Victorian Government’s Smart Planning program, VC148 is aimed at simplifying and modernising Victoria’s planning policy and rules to make planning schemes more efficient, accessible and transparent. In many cases, it is now less […]

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Traffic Engineering and Waste Management For Smarter Planning Approvals

  “Traffic Engineering and Waste Management For Smarter Planning Approvals” was hosted together with Smart Planning and Design which targeted industry professionals and answered many questions. This style of knowledge sharing collaboration with great people in the industry is something that SALT will always be open to. For those who missed out, here is a […]

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Waste Challenge | Plastic Free July

Waste, E-Waste, single use plastics and food waste all end up in landfill, which is a growing concern for Councils and private collectors around Australia. Plastic Free July began in 2011 by Western Metropolitan Regional Council (WMRC) and has since grown to a global initiative attracting the interest of millions of people from around the world. It […]

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Walking & Riding, Faster Than You Think

We are all guilty of driving two minutes down the street, not being able to find a park and thinking “I should have just walked”. We now have one less excuse because a recent study lead by leading researchers at Pennsylvania State University disclose walking or riding doesn’t take as long as you think to […]

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Encouraging Community Connection

“Fighting my first real fire was scary. We got too close. I could hear the roar of the fire well before I could see the flames. At one stage, the tree next to me burst into flames due to an ember attack.” Office manager, Kristi Caughley, is a proud volunteer at Country Fire Authority (CFA). […]

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Learning from ITEANZ

Three of Melbourne’s most credentialed traffic and transport pioneers were sharing their knowledge at ITEANZ recent event “Learning from history, where to next?”. Several of our traffic engineers were in attendance hoping to get a clearer understanding of how the transport industry has been shaped in Melbourne over the past 100 years. Listening to Prof […]

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