Environmentally Sustainable Design

SALT is now geared up for providing the Environmentally Sustainable Design services from concept to completion phases for any time of the project. We can provide a review of a project’s environmentally sustainable initiatives at early design stage and assist in ensuring the project exceeds the required benchmarks across key categories such as Energy, Water, Waste, Materials, Indoor Environmental Quality, Transport and Innovation.  We provide thermal modelling, simulation and energy analysis across all climate zones in Australia, as well as offering sustainable design advice for any type of building project. Our professional services cover all facets of environmental sustainability in the building industry, and enable us to control cost as well as add value to projects we are involved with.

Services we offer:

Early stage to Town Planning Phase:

  • Sustainable management plans
  • Sustainable design assessments
  • STORM water assessments
  • BESS assessments

Design development, building permit to Construction phase:

  • 6 Star Energy Assessments
  • Section J reports using JV3 modelling

Modelling Capabilities:

  • Daylight Analysis
  • Thermal Comfort Analysis
  • Natural Ventilation
  • Energy Modelling using JV3 and Firstrate5

Sustainability Rating Tools

  • Green Star Rating
  • NABERS Rating

If you need expert ESD services for your project, contact SALT today.

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