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Pedestrian Modelling

What is pedestrian modelling?

Put simply, pedestrian modelling involves simulating and analysing the movement of people across a diverse range of built environments.


We help transport planners, fire engineers and architects evaluate building designs, signage and operations in a robust and scientific manner.

Using our expertise in infrastructure and human factor design, we analyse footpaths, roads and shared spaces to ensure all journeys are safe and user-friendly.

Through pedestrian modelling, we can help you:

  • Reduce construction costs
  • Promote sustainable design
  • Optimise wayfinding design using visual and quantitative simulations
  • Manage emergency egress requirements
  • Maximise revenue from retail and advertising through footfall analysis

If your project would benefit from innovative and detailed analysis of pedestrian movements, contact SALT today or call +61 3 9020 4225.

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