Construction Traffic Management Plans

The team at SALT have significant experience in preparing Construction Traffic Management Plans (CTMPs) which ensure all traffic management considerations surrounding construction activities at a site are in accordance with relevant standards. Plans are prepared by the team at SALT in consultation with clients, to effectively manage site activities and to minimise the impact of construction activities on road operations without compromising the efficiency of construction activities. Further, our CTMPs provide details on managing the safe and convenient access around the site of other road users including cars, public transport, cyclists and pedestrians.

SALT is prequalified with VicRoads to provide traffic management consulting services, including Road Safety, Traffic Signals Design & Modelling, and Public Transport Facilities, all of which can be supplementary services for larger scale projects.

Our engineers carefully assess the specific needs of each site, and design practical traffic management solutions, appropriate for each specific site. SALT collaborates with developers, construction personnel, VicRoads, local Councils and other stakeholders to produce the most effective CTMPs possible.


  • Provisions for hoarding and scaffolding
  • Access point management and construction vehicle circulation
  • Traffic management devices and traffic controller locations
  • Management of motorists, pedestrians, public transport and cyclists
  • Pedestrian protection measures such as the location and extent of gantries
  • Crane erection and dismantling experts
  • Liaison with relevant government and transport authorities
  • Acquisition of Memorandum of Authorisations
  • Swept path assessment of all vehicle classes including large construction and loading trucks
  • Site access arrangements
  • Truck delivery scheduling, construction schedule, staging details and length of works
  • Production of CTMP reports

If you need a tailored construction traffic management plan for your project, contact SALT today.

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