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The team at SALT collectively brings over 100 years of hands-on transport and traffic engineering experience allowing us to deliver you innovative, cost effective and timely traffic engineering solutions. Establishing a safe traffic environment, navigating complex planning requirements and standards, and developing efficient transport solutions are essential components of what we offer. We strive to be leaders in the traffic and transport industry, with our senior staff often appearing before VCAT and Planning Panels Victoria to provide expert evidence. We are a tried and tested traffic and transport engineering team that take pride in delivering highly optimised engineering solutions for all our clients’ needs.
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Traffic Engineering at a Glance

SALT understands that navigating the traffic and planning environment can be difficult and with significant experience in numerous areas such as community hubs, educational facilities and residential and commercial developments, our team knows how to deliver. You can be assured that our work is informed by industry standards with many of our projects working with and for the Department of Transport and Planning (VicRoads), Local Councils and other governing bodies in the traffic engineering field. 

SALT will assist you throughout the planning application process and can provide detailed Traffic Management Plans (TMPs) outlining important safety procedures required during the construction phase of your project, we:

  • Communicate with relevant authorities (such as VicRoads and YarraTrams with whom we have existing professional relationships)
  • Assess and provide solutions to the impacts and requirements of construction works (such as lane closures and road work signage)
  • Provide summarised advice regarding relevant Australian Standards and policies. 

Our team is well practised at developing Traffic Impact Assessments/Traffic Reports that examine the operational phase of your project, by:

  • Estimating traffic generation of new developments such as subdivisions, change of use facilities and greenfield sites
  • Undertaking detailed assessment of the potential impacts on existing and proposed traffic networks making use of software such as SIDRA, and 
  • Providing carparking and access way design advice (using the latest software’s such as AutoTURN) ensuring your project functions as intended in the real world saving, you time and money. 

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Our Traffic Engineering Process

We are qualified by our experience and aim to provide a seamless experience for all our clients’ traffic engineering and consulting needs. Our dedicated staff have developed a comprehensive knowledge of the traffic engineering system allowing us to provide a ‘one-stop-shop’ by communicating with and considering all relevant stakeholders such as:

  • Our clients
  • Local Councils 
  • Government bodies such as the Department of Transport and Planning (VicRoads)
  • Infrastructure Agencies 
  • Australian Standards and legislation

We combine our professional expertise and relationships with your project specific requirements to deliver you high quality traffic engineering solutions on time and within budget. 

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            Your Project

Each project and its stakeholders is unique. Communicating with our clients and understanding not only their projects technical needs and goals but also who they are and their preferred method of works is the first step in our process. We aim to deliver traffic engineering solutions that prioritise clients desired outcomes and are prepared to negotiate with external stakeholders to ensure your project both reaches desired outcomes and obtains approval moving forward.  

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            Traffic and Transport information

Deriving critical issues and a clear course of action from the get-go sets the tone for the remainder of the project. It allows us to provide targeted solutions in a quick and efficient manner. However, we understand projects are dynamic and aim to provide a direct line of communication between you and our traffic engineering team as we believe it vital to our clients satisfaction and the projects overall success. 

The best traffic engineering project is one that no one notices. To achieve this, an in-depth understanding of existing project site conditions allows us to determine the most appropriate traffic engineering treatment(s). SALTs projects range in size and location from tight inner-city spaces to large greenfield sites in rural localities. The variation in intended use, existing condition and location of our clients sites often necessitates gathering of further information via site visits, that outline both potential impacts and opportunities specific to your site. 

We have significant experience in navigating statutory and policy requirements and relevant development plans/documents for your site. This ensures your priorities are met whilst simultaneously adhering to our rigorous engineering standards and requirements. This otherwise lengthy process is fast-tracked as members of SALTs’ team hold pre-qualifications on various panels and has numerous working relationships with:

  • Metropolitan and regional councils 
  • Traffic authorities (VicRoads, YarraTrams), and 
  • Infrastructure agencies 

Delivering your project efficiently and to a high standard. 

Traffic Engineering and Consulting Technical Expertise:

Data and project understanding are combined with our technical expertise to visualise and present an optimised traffic engineering solution. SALTs team is a collection of sort after and dedicated engineering individuals each with a vast collection of traffic engineering experience and past projects to draw from. Coupled with our use of the latest software we deliver technically proficient traffic designs and assessments with an eye for detail. In this area our capabilities include but are not limited to:

  • Swept path analysis (using AutoTURN) 
  • Traffic Reports/Traffic Impact Assessments 
  • Traffic Management Plans 
  • SIDRA analyses 
  • Parking studies 
  • Construction Traffic Management Plans
  • Traffic signal plans 
  •  Road Safety Audits (we hold relevant prequalification’s to provide in house RSA’s)
  • Intersection and design plans (including functional layout plans)

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These tools allow us to:

  • Take a proactive design approach and mitigate risks before they arise;
  • Consider potentially obscure traffic scenarios;
  • Provide traffic design solutions that optimise your space;

Saving our clients time and money and presenting solutions that will stand the test of time. At SALT we strive to go beyond what is asked, providing you with a range of solutions, allowing you to choose the best fit. 

            Why are we different? – Your Experience

The transport and traffic consultants at SALT will simplify the process for you. We will assist you through each stage and provide you with summarised information directly relating to your traffic engineering needs, going beyond a ‘tick-and-flick’ exercise. Our experience will flag potential issues and opportunities before they arise allowing you to plan accordingly and make the most of your site. You will be given a range of acceptable traffic and transport solutions that prioritise your projects needs whilst balancing the requirements of competing stakeholders, ensuring it likely gains approval. You will be provided with exceptional traffic engineering service that will future-proof your traffic engineering project. 

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