Traffic & Transport Design

SALT provides expert design services across transport infrastructure including car parking, signalised intersection design, roundabouts, road alignment and design, subdivision road networks, geometrical capacity intersection upgrades, auxiliary and turn lane design and shared space/zone design.

Application of these transport design services for our clients includes development application negotiations, developer contribution settlement, greenfield site re-development, for the private sector and government agencies, sustainable transport initiatives and design services for municipal councils, VicRoads, RMS and other stakeholders.

Chris Sanstoupet leads the team as design manager with over 18 years of professional experience and is an accredited senior road safety auditor.  Ensuring informed traffic, transport and parking design outcomes, the team also draws upon the expertise of traffic designer Egan Cook, bringing significant design and consulting experience. Egan has worked on a vast range of projects including vehicle access, car parks, residential subdivisions, intersection design and major government funded projects. Chris, Egan and the team have worked on a number of Vicroads’ projects and major projects such as Suburban Roads Upgrade and North East Link Project.

Our other capabilities in the traffic and transport design area include:

  • Signalised/Unsignalised intersection design , roundabout design
  • Traffic signal plans
  • Bus stops design and bus interchanges
  • Road re-configurations
  • Pedestrian shared areas
  • On and off-road bicycle facilities
  • Local area traffic management devices
  • Access treatments
  • Car park design (At grade and multi-storey, commercial and residential)
  • Ramp grade design
  • Construction traffic management plans
  • Construction staging plans
  • Loading dock design
  • Swept path analysis for a variety of design vehicles, including High Productivity Freight Vehicles (HPFVs)

SALT has an experienced team, well-versed in designing transport infrastructure that is innovative, functional, and safe for all road users.

SALT has a number of engineers who have a practical background and as a result, all SALT designs have been assessed from a constructability point of view, preventing the potential for complications and redesign during the construction process.

Furthermore, SALT is prequalified across various levels in VicRoads traffic management consulting services, including Road Safety, Traffic Signals, Arterial Roads, Traffic Facilities, Public Transport Facilities, Simulation Modelling and Traffic Signing & Delineation Design.

If you’re ready for innovative transport design, contact SALT today.

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