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Traffic Management Plan Melbourne & Sydney

Why choose SALT3 for Traffic Management Plans?

Our engineers are fully certified to prepare Traffic Management Plan, Construction Traffic Management Plans and Special Event Transport Management Plans for your project.

Our existing relationships with councils and infrastructure agencies – such as VicRoads and RMS – help us negotiate successful outcomes on your behalf.

We are one of the leading traffic management in Melbourne and can help you:

  • Ensure your site workers stay safe
  • Reduce disruption to residents and businesses
  • Analyse traffic flow data of your site and surrounding area
  • Manage traffic for special events
  • Make arrangements for emergency vehicles

Salt3 is also an expert in traffic design and we have leading traffic engineering consultants in Sydney and Melbourne.

If you need a customised Traffic Management Plan for your project, contact SALT today or call +61 3 9020 4225.

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