Jetty Road Taplin Office, Glenelg, SA


Project Status:
SALT’s involvement is complete

The redevelopment seeks to contribute towards the revitalisation of Jetty Road and to complement neighbouring redevelopments. Located at 85-87 Jetty Road, this proposal includes approximately 1,170m2 of office spaces and 480m2 of retail spaces.

SALT was engaged by URPS to deliver a Waste Management Plan and provide design advice throughout the development application process.

Given the site’s location within a central commercial hub, minimising impact to local traffic movements were the team’s priority. Our team worked closely with the project traffic engineers and liaised with Holdfast Bay Council’s waste team to ensure the feasibility of the proposed waste collection strategy with minimal impacts to the local traffic movements.

SALT delivered a Waste Management Plan which complied with Holdfast Bay Council Development Plan and South Australia’s waste guidelines.