Waste Audits

A waste audit provides a detailed analysis of the waste generated by your office/ organisation/ council area and identifies areas of opportunity to reduce the amount of waste generated and increase the amount of recyclable or reusable material that is recovered. 

SALT conducts waste audits for councils, industrial facilities, commercial offices and any other organisation that generates waste. We undertake a full compositional audit of your organisation’s waste streams to gain a full understanding of your waste management practices and provide a comprehensive report including:

  • Data analysis and interpretation
  • Baseline of current waste management practices
  • Recommendations for waste reduction, landfill diversion
  • Potential reduction in greenhouse gas emissions
  • Other improvement opportunities and efficiencies
  • Easy to interpret graphs and tables 

For councils we can also use the audit data to provide advice on collection service streams, collection frequency and bin sizes to ensure optimal service delivery. 

If you need a customised Waste Audit for your project in Australia, contact SALT today, or call +61 3 9020 4225

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