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Becoming an Engineer, with Wilson

Coming into the world of the working life, I’ve found the difference between office work and University completely different to my expectations. Coming into the office, I look forward to what new jobs I might be working on, or continuing and monitoring progress of other projects. Whilst University has taught me the foundation skills for […]

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Hui-Lin attends AITPM National Conference

The first day was an amazing experience learning from industry professionals about all things transport. The first day began with keynote speaker Brent Toderian talking about the role transport plays in making a city truly livable. It involves embracing multi-modal transport and improving walkability, while reducing car dependency (but not eliminating it!). Urban planning focusing higher […]

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Becoming an Engineer, with Mitch

I have already found the difference between University and Working Life profound after just two weeks. Nothing at Uni was ever going to prepare me for working on real time projects and going through company protocols, it’s completely different. Personally, I find working in the office much more rewarding plus less stressful than I presumed, […]

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Empowering Engineers

SALT are proud to announce the successful commencement of our professional undergraduate program. Here we provide the highest level of support and career development opportunities, with many undergrads offered ongoing work or graduate opportunities. During this program we offer all the support needed to prosper in a professional environment and help our young additions along […]

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