BECOMING an engineer with wilson

Becoming an Engineer, with Wilson

Coming into the world of the working life, I’ve found the difference between office work and University completely different to my expectations. Coming into the office, I look forward to what new jobs I might be working on, or continuing and monitoring progress of other projects. Whilst University has taught me the foundation skills for the professional world, SALT has exponentially increased my knowledge in Engineering.
At first I was tentative and unsure how I would handle coming into a real job, however my time over the past two months has been rewarding and a great transition from University. Working at SALT has been more easy going than I originally thought due to the nurturing and friendly environment I’ve been placed in. Everyone is very welcoming and willing to teach me whenever I’m unsure of something. Now I’ve become more confident and taking charge of my own work which is amazing as I can see work I’ve completed being sent to clients.
The Undergraduate Program provides an extension of my university studies while providing a way for me to drive my own personal and professional growth as I begin my Engineering career. The most exciting part about the program is the opportunity to expand my knowledge in different that I didn’t necessarily expect. I can’t wait to be able to produce a real professional traffic engineering report and work on AutoCAD drawings independently.
I like to listen to music on my way to work to get myself excited for the day ahead and clear my mind. I also get that
same effect by running to the train when I’m running late!

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