Innovative Waste Solution

Adelaide of SALT’s waste engineering team, was invited to a waste collection demonstration in one of iDump’s specialised waste trucks. iDump is a Melbourne owned and run business who specifically service hard to access waste bins and waste areas in trucks knows as Garwood Miners. These trucks have the turning circle of your average car and can fit in basements only 2 metres high. iDump’s fleet provide a solution to what has been a headache for building managers and waste collectors in Melbourne for years. The trucks are able to service the tiny basements in Melbourne’s CBD and metropolitan suburbs which were previously had huge operational requirements to collect waste from.
During the demonstration, Adelaide was taken to some of Melbourne city’s smaller basements, as well as factories on the CBD’s perimeter, and then to the Dynon Road transfer station in Footscray (run by Citywide).
We’d like to say thank you sincerely to iDump for welcoming us onto their fleet.
Wednesday 29th November