Salts Brad Matt promoted

SALT's Brad & Matt Promoted

We’re happy to announce two promotions in the SALT traffic and waste teams:

In their time at SALT, Matt and Brad have consistently gone above and beyond to build client relationships and improve processes.
Their new roles will mean greater autonomy, ultimate responsibility for the deliverables of more complex projects and more opportunities to represent SALT externally.
Jo Garretty, Director, says: “Matt and Brad are assets to SALT. They display exceptional technical skills, have excellent ideas and their mentoring roles are invaluable to the growth of our staff.”
James Brownlie, Director, says: “They’ve proven they are ‘worth their salt’ – time and again. These promotions are very well-deserved.”
We’d like to thank Matt and Brad for their exceptional work with SALT and congratulate them on their continued successes.

Published 2 August 2016
Updated 25 August 2016


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