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Waste Management Sydney & Melbourne

The earlier you consider waste, the better the solution

SALT can work with you to develop a Waste Management Plan tailored to your project. Our expert waste engineers have a long history of delivering professional solutions for clients across many industries – including residential, retail, commercial, hospitality, medical, construction and aged care.

Waste Management Plans for all projects

First we begin by anticipating how your staff or residents will create waste. Then we help you identify the most efficient ways to manage that waste – helping you slash costs from point of generation to point of disposal.

We also ensure your Waste Management Plan adheres to the waste management guidelines of your local council. In areas where regulations do not currently exist, our forward-thinking engineers use initiative and prior knowledge to design you a best practice waste solution.

We also offer the following waste engineering services:

With SALT, you can be confident from the Day 1 that your waste system is easy to use, cost effective and achieves the best outcomes for all involved.

If you need a customised waste engineering solution for your project, call SALT Sydney today on +61 2 8415 9781.

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