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Waste Engineering & Planning

Waste engineering and planning is now required by most municipal councils as part of the planning permit application process.

Our expert team of waste engineers are recognised as industry leaders in waste engineering and planning. We are able to assess the systems and access required to optimise valuable ground floor space. We provide advice on waste streams (e.g. garbage, commingles, paper, cardboard, plastics, clinical, organics), system selection (e.g. chutes, diverters), devices (e.g. carousels, sliding trays, compactors), bins and transportable compactors, collection methods and collections locations.

Input into master plans and concept designs can reduce design and review times saving significant costs. SALT recommends waste be considered early in the planning process. When designed early, it is significantly easier to achieve a best practice solution.

If you need an innovative waste engineering solution that’s tailored to your project, contact SALT today or call +61 3 9020 4225

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