Becoming an Engineer, with Mitch

I have already found the difference between University and Working Life profound after just two weeks. Nothing at Uni was ever going to prepare me for working on real time projects and going through company protocols, it’s completely different. Personally, I find working in the office much more rewarding plus less stressful than I presumed, particularly due to the lively environment I work in with SALT.  Everyone is very approachable and inviting which has ensured the transition into the new workplace quite smooth.
The Undergraduate Program provides a way to drive for personal and professional development, which will be extremely valuable for my professional engineering career.
Waste Engineering is a relatively new concept to me.  While the concept has been touched on throughout my University studies, my work with Salt has been a great learning curve and opportunity to upskill and prepare for full time work once I have completed my studies
I start each morning with a healthy breakfast, usually either banana and oat pancakes or homemade muesli, before I cycle into the work from Northcote.  The 20 minute commute is a perfect way to wake up and get the blood flowing before work and I enter the office with a clear head ready for a new day. Astronomically better than being crammed into a peak hour train.
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