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Waste Management Plans (WMPs)

SALT has a dedicated team of waste consultants with expertise in providing streamlined and cost-effective waste management plans that can suit your development requirements. Our specialist waste team led by environmental scientists has been engaged in development and redevelopment projects for various development types across Australia including residential, commercial and mixed-use developments, town centres, aged care centres, police stations, medical facilities and state emergency services sites. SALT have also provided campus-wide waste and logistics management strategies and waste management plans for numerous universities.

What is a Waste Management Plan?

A Waste Management Plan is a document which outlines the expected waste generation quantities and waste stream types as well as on-site requirements to ensure that safe and efficient waste management and collection strategies can be implemented within the development. They are prepared based on the expected type of use for development. The significance of a waste management plan from a Council’s perspective is typically to confirm that an effective waste management system has been designed for and can be implemented within the site. An effective waste management system refers to one that is hygienic, tidy, provides safe access to all users, staff and waste contractors while minimising waste being landfilled and maximises resource recovery and recycling.

SALT’s Point of Difference

Our waste team is led by environmental scientists. The expert team aims to provide best practice and sustainable waste management solutions with convenient access for the future users of the site while ensuring that it is cost-effective for the developer. If engaged, SALT ensures that the project team is well informed of the waste management requirements at the initial planning stages by providing waste design advice prior to issuing a Waste Management Plan. This allows the project team to consider the options available and prevents additional costs from being incurred to revise the design aspects of other services and from re-engaging other consultants.
Our team also actively engages with Council waste officers to ensure that we are well informed of the latest updates to the Council’s services and waste planning requirements. This allows us to consider the future implications of the Council’s services and of the industry when advising on waste and resource recovery requirements to our clients.

If you need a customised Waste Management Plan for your project in Australia, contact SALT today,
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